30+ countries + hundreds of nights at hotels/AirBnbs + technology (apps, OTAs, hotels, airlines, etc.)

As you may haScreenshot 2017-04-14 15.27.50ve guessed, I love blueberries (and almost all other berries) especially ones from my hometown of Portland, Oregon. To this day, I have yet to find any that compare to what the Pacific Northwest grows, but I am always open to recommendations.

I am the in-market representative for Marketing Manchester in the United States, the agency charged with promoting Greater Manchester on the national and international stage to visitors, investors, conference organizers and students. My role involves close interaction with both the commercial division of the Manchester Airport promoting route development as well as the city’s promotion arm, Marketing Manchester, through PR and digital support and travel trade activity. After having traveled to 30+ countries with short stints in Hong Kong and Italy, I’ve developed a passion for diverse cultures and meeting new and interesting people.

Previously, I was the Insights Manager at an award-winning digital agency in New York for prominent travel and tech brands including Skype, GoPro, Singapore Tourism Board – North America, and Microsoft.

As a member of various travel and NYC tech communities including Voyager HQ, Travel+SocialGood, and Travel Massive, I constantly find new ways to connect innovation and travel.

In my spare time, I routinely traverse the globe, attend Nets game, cheer on my Portland Trail Blazers, seek out comedy shows, and play with new travel and tech apps.

Please feel free to contact me directly – jeffgrillo@gmail.com