Research says New York is #1!

For many years, I’ve been an active subscriber to the weekly newsletter sent by Resonance and it has never disappointed me. The company offers impressive research, strategy, and storytelling for all types of brands around the world. Their most recent report is about America’s Best Cities.

Early in the report, Andrew Nelson from National Geographic has validated the research by saying, “the list is an invaluable guide to authentic, surprising and engaging places well worth visiting.” He noted that Seattle is a place where “millions can build and realize their dreams outside an imperial orbit.” Later in the one-pager titled The Rise in American Cities (on page 4) Bend, Oregon is recognized as a place to “grow and showcase best practices for sustainable growth in urban areas,” and as a local born and raised in Portland, Oregon I can validate that statement.

It is worth noting that the researchers surveyed more than 1,500 “Mobile Millennials” (Americans aged 20-36 who have traveled in the last year) in both 2014 and 2017 to monitor and identify 27 factors. The four most interesting factors to me included affordability of housing, diversity of people, economic prosperity, and quality of the arts (culture, restaurants, and nightlife).

I was very happy to see that New York was ranked #1 as the best large city followed by Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. New York is first in the prosperity category due to its #1 ranking for Fortune 500 Companies and then when you look at Broadway and the 40 new shows that are launching this year, the most in three decades, it really can’t be beaten. Next, they looked at the culinary offerings and NYC also ranked #1 because of the 77 of its restaurants that boast one, two, or three Michelin starts. And, earlier this year Eleven Madison Park was named the best restaurant in the world, which has not happened for a restaurant in the United States since 2004. The word on the street is that the restaurant had a killer invite-only closing party headlined by Questlove.

The research is really well written and I highly suggest downloading one of their many great reports before you begin your next adventure within the United States or abroad.

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